The most beautiful panorama of the Drina, the lake and the Perućac settlement can be seen from the Zelenika viewpoint, and in the distance you can see the Bajina Bašta, the Gvozdačke mountains…
It is located next to the road that goes from Perućac to Mitrovec on Tara and further to Sekulić and Zaovine. The viewpoint was built in 2022.

Ima Zelenika was chosen because of the name that the inhabitants of these regions have used for the Drina throughout history.

A nicely decorated lookout point is surrounded by a wooden fence, 6 covered buildings with tables and deckchairs have been built.
If you want beautiful memories from your trip, you will take photos from here that will surely be one of the most beautiful from your vacation.

Photo: Nenad Marić